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Kat & Kaboodle

"When Kat & Kaboodle launched, we needed to create a slick website that would rank well in Google. The professional organising industry in Australia is still a relatively young one, so people are not yet instinctively searching for ‘professional organiser’ when they want to get organised.

Looking around at other websites in the industry, I found the sites to be quite cluttered and hard to navigate – which obviously isn’t a good thing when you are promoting an organising and de-cluttering business! PositionMEonline got straight to work on implementing a template for our website which was clean, easy to navigate and fully functioning.

You immediately understood my business and how I wanted to communicate with my potential customers. Best of all, you were honest and up-front with their advice, and were genuinely passionate about providing me with the best possible website for my business.

I credit your business with building the best professional organising website in Australia (if I do say so myself!) which continues to display on the first page of Google! You designed a fantastic blog which is so easy for me to update, and a homepage which not only looks amazing but is easy to follow.

You took the time to train me in sending an e-newsletter to my database and how to update pages, which I have found to be easier than editing a document in Microsoft Word! Nearly every day, I receive emails from people asking about my wonderful website and I always send them along to PositionMEonline.

I know they will receive honest, value-for-money, friendly service that us amateurs rarely find when dealing with website developers."

Katherine Tate
Kat & Kaboodle

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