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Danceroc WA

"I have been a client of PositionMEonline for nearly three years now.  From the first encounter right up until now I have remained impressed with the level of customer service and integrity offered to us by James.  Contact has not just been restricted to the internet but also over the telephone and when necessary, by personal visit to our premises. PositionMEonline has also looked at our business more widely than the website and therefore can appreciate the types of things that we need to do through the website to attract and retain new customers.  Importantly, we have also invested in a prominent yellow pages ad however this costs us over 10 times the annual Website service fee for around one half of the new customers that the website attracts. We will most most likely scale down or discontinue our yellow pages ad next year."
Yours sincerely
Gary Gliddon
Owner, Danceroc WA

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