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"I would just like to say that PositionMEonline has been fantastic in getting us onto the first page for ‘Hotels Fremantle’ on Google. It is an ongoing effort to maintain those positions, they work extremely hard for us which we appreciate. I have no hesitation in recommending "PositionMEonline" to any business who wants to make a difference to their business!"

Experts in Link Building - We've Been Doing it In-House for 5 Years!
Link popularity can be likened to company branding - it is time consuming, hence costly, but the rewards are long-lasting and of significant benefit to your business.

You could research other websites and contact them for a link partnership, but even if you know where to start you won't know which websites to avoid to be really effective.  You may end up with an ineffective reciprocal link exchange because you don't know how or where to obtain one-way links that Google values.

We provide a service to improve your link popularity by:

  • Forming and managing link partnerships with websites on your behalf - no involvement required by you
  • Reviewing all websites for spam, their own link popularity, keyword relevancy, PageRank, rankings and listings on various important directories - this ensures your website is not contaminated by poorly performing or unethical websites that may have a negative 'rub-off' effect
  • Using our network of clients and websites we know are keen to exchange links - this makes the process highly efficient for getting links to your website

Our Link Popularity service is provided by our team of experts in-house.  Using off-shore services can be treacherous as a single link from a 'contaminated' website could see your website banned from Google.  We use strict quality-control processes to minimise the risk of your website being contaminated and maximise the visibility of your website in search results.

Having provided this service for over 5 years, we have established a large network of websites internationally that can benefit your website.  Our proven methods for improving link popularity provide better results, faster, at a realistic cost. 

Case Study - Celebrity Speakers, Sydney
Celebrity Speakers, based in Sydney, has approximately 400 Australian celebrities available for public speaking, conferences etc.  Their primary keyword was ‘celebrity speakers’, for which they were ranking on page 3 and generating insignificant amounts of traffic.  Our team of Link Popularity specialists spent a total of 72 hours obtaining links to this website over a 9 month period. 

Results: They are now ranking #1 on Google for ‘celebrity speakers’.  Their Google link count has increased from 56 to 462.  An average of 0.85 high quality inbound links were obtained per hour invested.  Needless to say their investment in our services has yielded a great return!

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