Mobile Websites

Mobile Traffic is Surging!

Having a mobile friendly or mobile compatible version of your website is now a must-have due to the rising usage of mobile devices for web browsing.

Mobile traffic is surging at such a substantial rate that a Morgan Stanley report believed that by 2015 mobile web browsing will surpass desktop/laptop browsing.

Client Examples of Mobile Website

What Is A Mobile Device?
Mobile devices are often referred to as ‘Smart Phones’ and include:
  1. iPhones
  2. iPads
  3. Android mobile phones
  4. Blackberrys
These generally have smaller screens, are unable to play ‘Flash’ animations, certain navigation and website functionality doesn’t work, and are generally quite fiddly to browse the web on.

Why Should I Make My Website Mobile-Friendly?

Creating a mobile version of your website provides the following benefits:
  1. Phone numbers can be clickable, so that they instantly dial your business number when clicked
  2. Customers can access a condensed version of your information in a larger, easy-to-read format
  3. Navigation is faster
  4. Download times are reduced
  5. Visitors are likely to remember that you have a mobile version where competitors may not
  6. You can publish different content to mobile users – e.g. mobile promotions

What’s Involved?

PositionMEonline has been creating mobile websites for the past few months for clients and even have a mobile version of our own website. Our mobile website development team specialise in mobile website design.

We suggest having no more than 6 pages of information on a mobile website, keeping in mind that mobile searchers are generally looking for contact details as opposed to making a purchasing decision based on the website. A typical Mobile Website structure would be:

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Why Choose XYZ Co?
  4. Services/Products
  5. Contact Us
We can produce entire mobile versions of product catalogues as well should your target market be frequent mobile users.

Mobile websites start from as little as $350+GST.  Call us today on (08) 9313 2699 for an accurate estimate based on your requirements.