"Within the first week of using MySuperAds we started to get enquiries and are in the process of gearing up for another website. This has been the best ROI I’ve seen our company spend to date."

Grow your Business with Qualified Leads

MySuperAds is a cost-effective way to super-charge your online marketing with a proven advertising system that generates tangible business results.

Your business advertisements will appear in Google, Yahoo & Bing’s search results and those of their network partners. The unique MySuperAds technology tracks on a daily basis, the:

  • Number of telephone enquiries generated as a result of the ads
  • Telephone number of the potential customers that call as a result of your ads
  • The date & time of the calls
  • Recording of the phone conversation with your staff (this can be turned off if preferred)
  • Number of email enquiries generated as a result of the ads
  • Number of clicks on your advertisements
  • Cost of those clicks, and therefore the cost per lead!

Screenshot of MySuperAds showing the number of calls and emails/web events generated for
a client with a $1200/month budget.  In the above example this client's leads are costing $17.52 each. 

Spend Your Money Where it Works!

MySuperAds automatically optimises your campaign budget by learning the keywords and search engines that deliver you the most conversions, at the lowest cost, and those that keep potential customers on the phone to your business for the longest duration.

How it Works

  1. The monthly budget is agreed (we provide a budget recommendation based on our understanding of search volumes within your industry).
  2. Keywords are agreed and the ads are activated targeting searchers in your target location (city, state or country).
  3. A searcher clicks on your ad and your phone number and email address are swapped in real-time to capture the lead information (your website otherwise remains the same to all other visitors with no impact on the user experience).
  4. Detailed reports are generated giving you online access to valuable lead information for monitoring campaign performance and holding sales staff accountable for maximising the conversion rate of inbound calls and emails.

Is MySuperAds Right for My Business?

Businesses that sell products or services offline and in a local, national or international market can benefit from MySuperAds.  The technology is best suited to local businesses who may typically run ads in newspapers, Yellow Pages, radio and through other advertising media.  

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How Much?

A typical campaign can start with as little as $500/month to spend on clicks, with most campaigns in the $1,000-$5,000/month bracket.  We find that after the initial few months businesses will increase their spend due to the positive impact it has had on their business.  A small setup fee and a percentage of the monthly spend is the investment required to benefit from the use of the MySuperAds platform.

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Reseller Opportunities

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