MySuperAds Case Study

Below is a case study for a recent client who has utilised MySuperAds to generate more leads for their timber decking business.  

The table shows how the technology learns which keywords are generating leads, re-allocates the budget accordingly, and lowers the cost per lead, resulting in more leads for the same money each month.

Month   Monthly Budget Phone Enquiries Email Enquiries  TOTAL Leads Avg Cost Per Lead
 1  $800  11  8  19  $42
 2  $800  15  17  32  $25
 3  $800  23  13  40  $20

The reduction in average lead costs occurs due to the MySuperAds technology 'learning' which keywords are generating leads, and the re-allocation of the budget towards those keywords that are most effective.

We have numerous examples across different industries of how MySuperAds has lowered the average cost per lead as the campaigns mature.

"Within the first week of using MySuperAds we started to get enquiries and are in the process of gearing up for another website. This has been the best ROI I’ve seen our company spend to date."