Google Analytics

"Google Analytics has become the single most important marketing tool that I use for our resort and in the 15 years I have been involved in Hotel Marketing this is the most comprehensive marketing tool I have ever utilised – bar none."

Supercharge your website with Google Analytics!

Get the information you need to make business decisions about your online marketing.

Google Analytics gives business people information-rich website statistics in an easy-to-use interface.  Coupled with PositionMEonline’s consulting services or even a brief 20 minute demonstration, you can gain incredible insight to how visitors interact with your website.

Using Google Analytics you can:
  • Easily compare date ranges
  • See where in the world your visitors are coming from (to a major town level – on a full colour map!)
  • Track how visitors navigate through your website
  • Monitor your ‘bounce’ rate (the number of visitors that looked at one page, then left your website)
  • See the keywords used to find your content
  • Assess whether your listings on other websites are worthwhile
  • Find out where visitors are exiting your website from
  • Have all reports emailed to you in PDF format on a regular basis – automatically!
Fine Tune Search Engine Optimisation

Google Analytics allows you to see the effectiveness of any Search Engine Optimisation work done to your site so that you can fine tune and continually improve on your search engine rankings. Understand what keywords work, look out for new keywords you previously haven’t used, and which pages need more work to draw more traffic.

With the powerful site overlay feature, you can restructure your website to focus on more popular informational items such as events or products. Or you can use this knowledge to modify products that are not drawing as much attention as you like.

Case Study

A client was paying approximately $10,000US per year for a listing on an industry-specific website in the US.  A few months after installing Google Analytics on this client’s website we conducted a review.  The statistics showed that his listing on the US website was bringing approximately 4 visitors per month to his website (i.e. an average cost of $208 per visitor!)  He quickly cancelled his listing on the directory as a result of this information, and is now investing the money elsewhere in more cost-effective forms of online advertising.

How do I get Google Analytics on my website?

We provide a Google Analytics installation service for a nominal once-off fee, giving you access to one of the most powerful website statistics tools available.  To assist you with interpreting the statistics we also provide a brief one-on-one tutorial in our office or by phone (using the latest desktop sharing technology), or can provide a regular monitoring/consulting service.

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