Keyword Research

"It's gave me all the answers I needed now to work on the content pages and really optimise them.  I was really happy with all the information and the guys have been professional and great to work with."
- Richard Todd, Riverzedge Retreat

Know Your Market Online
As with all thriving businesses, if you know exactly what your market is seeking and you supply the market accordingly, you will be successful. 

What are people looking for?
Do you know the exact search terms prospective clients are using online to find what they require? Will they spell "armchair, footstool or sheepskin" as one or two words? Will they spell "accommodation" with one "m" or two? Will they call a lounge "a couch, sofa, settee or three seater lounge?" Are they looking for a "sheepskin, sheep skin, lambs fleece or shearling jacket, slippers, car seat covers etc." Is there a market for "riesling" spelt with the "e" before the "i"? (there sure is, for the astute, internet savvy business person!)
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The Keyword Research Report
PositionMEonline can provide you with a Keyword Research Report,  giving you significant insight into the search terms or keyword phrases being used every second of everyday on the Web to find what you have to sell or offer. The report will list up-to-date keyword phrases most relevant to your business, products and/or services, that searchers have used in major search engines. The data supplied is the essence of what your website text must be optimised/tuned for to attract targeted visitor traffic to your web pages.

Measuring up your Competition
The report also provides details of the number of pages returned by Google for each keyword phrase listed in the report - this is the extent of your online competition for the keyword.

Your Alternatives?
Without a  Keyword Research Report you will be flying blind, not knowing exactly the keyword phrases searchers are using - so why have a website!

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